Building Inspection Faults

The attached picture above shows excessive vegetation overgrowth causing a multiple of building faults. To reduce this high risk zone several maintenance issues require attention immediately.
By removing/pruning vegetation, implementing appropriate storm water catchment and water proofing exterior walls will help reduce major defects and expansive repairs.

If you need a Building and Pest Report or Maintenance Report, don’t go past Gold Coast Building Inspector Building Inspections

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Gold Coast Roof Inspections

Why is your roof leaking? Is it your ridge capping?
Call us today for a roof inspection..

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Property inspections Gold Coast

When purchasing a property it is highly recommended to have a Building, Pest and Pool Inspection done before you start any negotiations. These Inspections will give you vital information of the condition the proposed property is in. Once you have the Inspection Reports, you will have the power to negotiate a more reasonable price that will factor in any future costs when you make your offer. We can also offer our clients biulding and repair costs to help calculate their budget.

Make sure your building inspection is conducted by an independent Building Services Authority licensed certifier.



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Building Inspection – Roof Faults

Gold Coast Building Inspector Building Inspections Gold Coast come across common faults found on Gold Coast roofs.

This picture below shows a roof ridge that requires tile pointing to be replaced as the ridge tiles are becoming loose and brittle.

High risk zone for termites

Garage timber door jambs like this are a high risk zone for termites and wood-rot.RegardsMark 0414 383 489  Fax 07 5534 7564

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Currently the top 5 commonly found building faults by Gold Coast Building Inspector are;

Mould (dampness)
Vegetation (over-grown
Down pipes (damaged)
Termites/termite damage
Waterproofing (bathrooms and retainer walls)

1.   2.    3. 4.   5.

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Leaking down pipes

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Building inspection Gold Coast

This pergola is beyond repair and courses a high risk of danger. Can’t believe a real estate agent has allowed this to get to this stage
Should be removed immediately, especially being a rental property.

RegardsMark 0414 383 489  Fax 07 5534 7564

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Shower water proofing

One of the most common faults found in building inspections is shower base waterproofing. The best way to protect your waterproofing membrane and give it a longer life, is to simply silicon the perimeter of your shower base. This may need to be done every 4yrs.

RegardsMark Woods
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Building and pest inspections Gold Coast

Water damage to bathroom subfloor.
This is the result of damaged water proofing membrane.
These are the faults you don’t want to miss when buying your next house

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