Gold Coast Building Inspector Pre-listing Building Inspection Reports provide a detail breakdown of the condition your current property is in before it goes on the market for sale. The advantages of a Pre Listing Inspection are in your favour if you have maintained or updated your property since ownership. If you have not maintained your property and have areas to improve before going on the market, this is your opportunity to reflect any costs of repair that could be revealed in a building inspection by a potential buyer.

This will also allow you time to rectify any problems with your property and prevent your potential buyer less chance of negotiating your property price. This type of inspection is very popular for clients wanting to make a quick sale, the less faults found by a potential buyer the better chance on a smooth sale.


Gold Coast Building Inspector Special Building Inspection Reports provide a detailed report on any specific area of the building/unit. This report will also involve options on repairing any building faults. These types of reports can also involve other specialised trades, for eg. electricians, plumbers, engineers, etc.
If you have a problem with your building that needs to be solved, this type of inspection will resolve the potential problem with a solution and costing to rectification work.

This inspection can also be used towards any insurance claim.


Gold Coast Building Inspector Handover Inspections provide you a detailed condition of the proposed property before final payment. It is recommended to do a Handover Inspection, as it can be difficult to get the builder back to rectify any problems at a later date. This will give you peace of mind before handing over your final installment. It is recommended to arrange this inspection in advance before the due handover date, this will give you the opportunity to raise any issues prior to handover.
At handover or within 6 months of the completion date, the contractor is required to correct any minor defects or minor omissions at handover.

Our current builder is obligated to report on all aspects of the building so you have a clean handover.


Gold Coast Building Inspector Leak Detection Inspections, provides a detailed analysis of the faults in action creating expansive repairs. Water, Moisture and Mould are the most common faults found in homes on the Gold Coast every day of the week. Our Leak reports don’t just explain how the fault is occurring but we also provide industry knowledge on how to maintain your property correctly. With our advise you will be able to eliminate high risk zones for water, moister, mould and most of all Termites.

This will give you a safer, cleaner and more prouder property to enjoy with others.


Gold Coast Building Inspector Dilapidation Inspection Reports provide a detailed analysis of the condition your property is in before any neighbouring construction work commences. If a damage claim is submitted to an adjacent property owner in relation to their work, you will have expert, independent evidence to support your position, his can also work in reverse. The property and surrounding areas will be photographed and recorded by a Qualified Builder to show any evidence of pre existing defects.

This will give you peace of mind knowing you are protected by future claims.

All our Building Inspections are completed by experienced registered builders trained in accordance with the Australian Inspection Standard (Australia AS 4349.1-2007).

Why are we the best?

As a dependable company respected by building professionals, Gold Coast Building Inspector Building Inspections can also connect you with a network of preferred tradesman who can supply quotes prior to negotiation. Therefore, the seller can incorporate exact costs into the price or agree to repair the property before settlement.

We have over 20 years experience in the industry and have been involved in ALL facets of building in South East Queensland.

We have HANDS ON experience as well as being in the administrative area. We have builder, supervisor and carpenter licences, (and come from a family of builders.) So try our building inspections, We guarantee you a quality building inspection. We have been involved in major and minor building projects, and we have a vast local knowledge and experience in all areas of the Gold Coast, so try our home inspection.

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Not just a written report, but the inspector likes to meet with you on site at the end of the inspection so that he can give you a verbal report too. During the verbal report, he shows you major structural problems, provides solutions and gives estimates of repair costs. The inspectors’ offer tips on maintenance of the property and answers your questions. He is also happy to give advice or clarification to you once the inspection is completed.

Being present at this time is preferable as it aids your understanding of the status of the property, however if this is not possible, we can arrange to speak to you on the phone, and email the report to you.

Building Inspections

Gold Coast Building Inspector building inspection reports provide a detailed analysis of the condition of your property in an easy to read format.

All our building inspections are completed by experienced registered builders trained in accordance with the Australian Inspection Standard (Australia AS 4349.1-2007).