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We work towards presenting you with a thorough report NOT a time restraint.

Free Building advice

We are NOT just inspectors, we are current builders specialising in Renovations.

Our Guarantee

Our services are well above our competitors and the Australian Standards.

Our Services

“Leading the industry and exceeding your expectations”

Our Reports

We provide you comprehensive written reports listing problems the property currently has and the repairs or modifications it may require. Estimates towards defects can also be obtained to help re-negotiate with purchase price.

Our Technicians

Two technicians are equipped with latest equipment and techniques and will accumulate approximately 3hrs of inspection time, where (our competitors) one inspector will accumulate approximately 1hr.

Our Motto

“Excellence is in the detail” by exceeding the Australian Standards is how every service is carried out and provided to each and every client.

Our Guarantee

We will inspect your property more thoroughly than any competitor and leave no crevice or corner unchecked.

‘Pre-Purchase Inspections’

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections and Termite Inspections are a MUST, prior to purchasing a property.

‘Pre-Sale Inspection’

This will allow you time to rectify any problems with your property and prevent your potential buyer less chance of negotiating your purchase price.


‘New Homes’

Handover Inspections are highly recommended prior final payment, as it can be difficult to get builder back to rectify any problems at a later date.

‘Property Defect’

If you have a problem that needs to be solved, this type of inspection will resolve the potential problem with a solution and costing to rectification work.

‘Invasive Inspection’

An Invasive Inspection will help you make a more informed decision when purchasing an aged property. Be confident when purchasing.

‘Estimate Report”

We can provide an Estimate Report that will help you to re-negotiate your purchase price when purchasing your property.

Why Choose us….

  • Two fully qualified inspectors
  • Exceeding the Australian Inspection Standards
  • Provide Estimate Reports towards defects
  • We welcome you onsite
  • Competitive prices
  • Provide technical renovation advice
  • Latest termite detection equipment
  • Guaranteed peace of mind
  • Avoid you unpleasant surprises
  • We work for you

We also do construction….

Our clients say

“We used Gold Coast Building Inspector construction services for our bathroom renovation. Very professional, tidy and attention to detail”.

“Thanks Gold Coast Building Inspector”

“ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT”. Highly recommend. Had two properties inspected by Mark, he is very thorough and gives you a great report helping you make an informed decision”.

“Mark is a pro, consistently producing some of the most detailed Building Reports I have seen. My only choice when buying on the Gold Coast.”

“Mark is a very professional, hardworking, honest and reliable building inspector, who goes out of his way to assist in any way he can. I can thoroughly recommend Mark to anyone wanting a good quality job done, together with a DETAILED REPORT, for a very reasonable price.

“PROMPT, THOROUGH and really easy to talk to. Was there when he did the inspection of our property and showed me all the issues and explained them in simple terms. Helped us with all post inspection issues such as quotes for work needing to be done”.

“Very impressed with Gold Coast Building Inspector services. Nothing like I’ve seen before, just like the website mentioned they exceeded my expectations. The report they provided approved my purchase and gave me an itemised report of non essential repairs that need to be addressed in the near future. Mark was so thorough and easy to talk to, he provided the building report in an easy to understand format, and the offer of future ongoing services with a list of professionals to rectify any potential defects”.

Gold Coast Building and Pest Inspection

Why you need to..

Buying a house is a big step in life and more and more people are turning to building inspectors to make sure that their possible future home will live up to their expectations. Anything could happen and the saying – “Better safe than Sorry” instantly comes to mind, you wouldn’t want to have to spend more money that you didn’t have to if you obtained a professional building inspection in the first place.

This is where Gold Coast Building Inspector comes in. They are who you want to go to when looking to obtain Building Inspections on the Gold Coast. In an easy to read format you will be obtaining a very detailed picture on you house, which will outline whether or not more work will need to be carried out in the future or before you buy. Being a currently licensed construction company that are still regularly building houses in and out of the Gold Coast area then you know this is the team to trust. With their highly skilled inspectors they will be able to analyze the building thoroughly and not miss anything the untrained eye could miss.

Your home inspections on the Gold Coast will not just be a very detailed report that you will receive, Gold Coast Building Inspector provide you with something extra that makes their services more worthwhile. After their inspection is complete the inspector will meet you on the property so he can not only give you a verbal report, but also show you specific areas of the building that may need maintenance while giving you pricing estimates to see whether or not this house will stay within your allocated budget. To see their Inspection prices then please check them here.

Although building inspections on the gold coast is not only what Gold Coast Building Inspector offer. You can also include Swimming Pool inspections and additional Pest Inspections as well from their trained professionals; these are two other vital areas that need to be looked at when thinking about purchasing your next house.

These highly trained specialists make sure you house lives up to the Australian Inspection Standards (Australia AS 4349.1-2007) – you can contact the team directly here.

Why are building and pest inspections so important?

This is a question asked by almost every new home owners in Australia. People who have never purchased property before are not aware of the potential problems they face after they buy something which may be inhabited with various pests. These pests can make living in the home difficult, be expensive to remove and if anything some will even damage the structure of the home. This is why experts advise that people get building and pest inspections Gold Coast if they are considering any type of property in any area.

Buying a home can be a huge step for many couples and so one of the things that should be considered is who else is on the property besides your family. At Gold Coast Building Inspector we have been providing building and pest inspections in Gold Coast for very long time. We have prevented people from ending up with properties which were just too expensive to buy mainly because of the pests which were observed in addition to other problems. We have also prevented people from buying potentially damaged property. This is why if you are in the market for property, make sure that you get it thoroughly checked by experts in the industry like us so that you are saved from future hassle.

Gold Coast Building and Pest Inspection Expert

At Gold Coast Building Inspector we specialize in all types of building and pest inspections Gold Coast. We will examine your property from every angle and leave no crevice or corner unchecked. We will then detail our findings in an easy to understand format which will give you an overall view of our findings as well as the ability to pick up individual problems we identified. This will for all intents and purposes tell you whether or not you should go ahead and buy the home of if you are a prospective buyer or if you do buy the extent of work which will need to be carried out. As a licensed and experienced building company we know a lot about construction and the industry in general and so we are in a good position to thoroughly inspect property of any size and type. Even the slightest problem will never go unnoticed when you hire our inspection service, this is the quality we boast of providing.

Our team of experts will also be more than happy to take you to specific problem areas and point out the problems there. This type of one on one type rundown of the property will give you a much better idea of what you will face in the event you purchase the property. In addition, our experts will tell you if the property is worth purchasing based on their assessment.