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We Inspect your home, can provide Quotes/Estimates towards defect issues and complete repairs or rebuild after purchasing property. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

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Gold Coast Building Inspector Building Inspection Reports will provide you with a detailed analysis of the condition of your proposed property in an easy to read format.

All our building inspections Exceed the Australian Inspection Standards (Australia AS 4349.1-2007) and are completed by experienced registered Builders you can rely on.

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We are equipped with latest equipment and techniques such as Thermal imaging (infra red) cameras, moisture meters, stethoscopes and borescopes to ensure you are receiving the most thorough and detailed inspection possible.

Our motto “Excellence is in the detail” is how every service is carried out and provided to each and every client.

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Gold Coast Building Inspector works in conjunction with pool inspection services, a company specializing in pool inspections in South East Queensland.

They offer fast, efficient service through their fully trained and certified pool inspectors. And because they only do pool inspections, you can be assured that the advice they offer is unbiased and accurate.

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We will organise your building, pest, pool and electrical inspections with the real estate agent. Digital photos are included with every inspection as well as advice on preventative maintenance and potential hazards.

We inspect the interior and exterior of buildings as well as roof space, floor space, garages, external roof and the site to 30m in compliance with AS4349.0 &1-2007.

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Building and Pest Inspections

Buying a house is a big step in life and more and more people are turning to building inspectors to make sure that their possible future home will live up to their expectations. Anything could happen and the saying – “Better safe than Sorry” instantly comes to mind, you wouldn’t want to have to spend more money that you didn’t have to if you obtained a professional building inspection in the first place.

This is where Gold Coast Building Inspector comes in. They are who you want to go to when looking to obtain Building Inspections on the Gold Coast. In an easy to read format you will be obtaining a very detailed picture on you house, which will outline whether or not more work will need to be carried out in the future or before you buy. Being a currently licensed construction company that are still regularly building houses in and out of the Gold Coast area then you know this is the team to trust. With their highly skilled inspectors they will be able to analyze the building thoroughly and not miss anything the untrained eye could miss.

Your home inspections on the Gold Coast will not just be a very detailed report that you will receive, Gold Coast Building Inspector provide you with something extra that makes their services more worthwhile. After their inspection is complete the inspector will meet you on the property so he can not only give you a verbal report, but also show you specific areas of the building that may need maintenance while giving you pricing estimates to see whether or not this house will stay within your allocated budget. To see their Inspection prices then please check them here.

Although building inspections on the gold coast is not only what Gold Coast Building Inspector offer. You can also include Swimming Pool inspections and additional Pest Inspections as well from their trained professionals; these are two other vital areas that need to be looked at when thinking about purchasing your next house.

These highly trained specialists make sure you house lives up to the Australian Inspection Standards (Australia AS 4349.1-2007) – you can contact the team directly here.

We also do Construction

Gold Coast Building Inspector Renovations

Whether you are renovating your bathroom, kitchen or garage space, we offer you our design services and expert industry knowledge.

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Home Extension Gold Coast

Home extensions are generally when you add several rooms in one to the outside of your existing home eg. bed 1 and ensuite, kitchen and living

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Home Alterations Gold Coast

Alterations can be as simple as revitalising the paint on your walls to tinting feature windows. By highlighting certain components

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Home Addition

Additions are where you extend upwards, adding another storey to the house. An addition to the external structure of your home

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Why Choose Us

  • Two Inspectors
  • Competitive prices
  • Guaranteed peace of mind
  • Repair and maintenance estimates
  • Provide technical renovation advice
  • We exceed the Australian Standards on all our inspections
  • Latest termite detection equipment

What Clients Say

We really appreciate the thorough service you have provided. I liked that you took me through every little detail of your findings and showed me how it should be corrected and potential costings on the corrections. I am very pleased with your service, I highly recommend Mark and his team to any potential buyers on the market place.
Kate Bevan, Highland Park
We’ve used Termite protection for over 7 years and their services have been second to none!
Very impressed with the thorougher inspection Mark provided us. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase their next home.
Termite Protection has services us exceptionally well over the years. We’d recommend them highly!
PAUL KIEHNE, Devine Homes
Thank you Mark for a very informative report. I wish we found you 7 years ago when we bought this house; our report back then missed half of this (and there was more moisture damage back then believe it or not).Thanks again – I will be sure to recommend you next time someone is buying or selling a house.
Kind Regards Elissa
ElISSA CLARK, Oxenford
We used Gold Coast Building Inspector Construction for our bathroom renovation. Very  professional , tidy and attention to detail. “Thanks Gold Coast Building Inspector”
LYN MORLEY, Worongary
We’ve been using Termite Protection for over 4 years and their high quality products provide us with peace of mind. Fast turnaround and reliability makes Termite Protection easy!
GARY ECCLESTON, Hayman Homes Theme