Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Guaranteed Thoroughness

Gold Coast Building Inspector work in conjunction with two independent respectful Pest Control companies that have been servicing Gold Coast and Northern NSW for many years using the latest pest detection equipment available. Some of these latest tools consist of Termi-track reader, Thermal imaging camera and Moisture meter.

These companies have quality service with high-end results to the local community. No profit sharing with contractors means we can pass on to you our competitive prices.

  • Unit/ Apartments
  • $180
  • approximately 100sq meters
  • 1 bathroom
  • Houses/Duplex
  • $270
  • up to 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Houses/Duplex
  • $300
  • up to 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms

Pest Inspection Gold Coast

Gold Coast Pest Inspector (Richard) works along side Gold Coast Building Inspector. This tight nit  team will leave no stone unturned when conducting their inspection for you. Engaging these two inspectors will give you peace of mind needed when making the biggest financial decision of your life.

Our Gold Coast Building and Pest Inspection have rapidly grown achieving their status in the pest control industry with many thanks to their loyal and repetitive customer base. We cater to wide variety of pest solutions in our industry, providing professional solutions to termites and general pest control to pest animals such as possums, Australian brush turkeys and feral cats.

Termite damage can be completely hidden out of sight and can make a serious dent in your investment. Trust your Pre-purchase inspection to the guys with the foremost expert knowledge.

Our thermal imaging tool is just one of the many tools we use to detect termites in our Gold Coast pre purchase inspections – but it’s not the holy grail. Moisture meters are in fact extremely valuable in detecting leaks and dampness in walls, floors and ceilings, helping to locate problems before they turn into something bigger. If we do find termites, we can discuss effective termite treatment options with you and ask for a further invasive inspection to help identify the extant of damage that may occur.

We recommend EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System for total protection

Gold Coast Pest Inspector are equipped with the latest methods and technologies such as Thermal Imaging cameras, Termi-trac meters, stethoscopes and moisture meters to ensure your potential  asset receives the “Rolls Royce” of termite inspections.

What’s Included In Our Gold Coast Pest Inspection?

  • External of Building
    • External timber cladding
    • Timber window/door, mouldings and sills
    • Timber stairs
    • Balconies, verandahs, patios & decks
    • Suspended-timber floors
    • Pergolas
  • Site
    • Damaged storm water pipes (above ground)
    • Timber retaining walls
    • Timber fences
    • Trees, stumps and garden beds
    • Termite nests
    • Existing Termite protection
  • Interior of Building
    • Door & window and frames
    • Skirting-board
    • Architrave
    • Exposed rafters/floor joist
    • Exposed timber beams
    • Exposed flooring
  • Roof Space
    • Timber framing
    • Roof leaks
  • Roof Exterior
    • Fascia board
    • Downpipes
    • Soffit mouldings
  • Sub-floor space
    • Bearers or joists
    • Timber framing
    • Dampness and damp damage
    • Drainage
    • Debris


What’s included?

We understand that when buying a new home it can become very stressful, that is why we liaise with your agent or vendor to gain access to the property and provide you with your report within 24 hours. We are equipped with latest equipment and techniques such as Thermal imaging (infra red) cameras, moisture meters, stethoscopes and borescopes to ensure you are receiving the most thorough and detailed inspection possible, our motto “Excellence is in the detail” is how every service is carried out and provided to each and every client.

Our Gold Coast Pest Inspection Reports are provided with coloured photographs on the findings and concerns of the property. As we are working for you, we provide 100% of our professional experience and knowledge exclusively to the attention of your potential investment. We work alongside a highly regarded builder with an extensive experience not only in inspecting homes but also building them. Mark Woods owner/operator of Gold Coast Building Inspector is our builder of choice as his attention to detail and broad experience allows Gold Coast Pest Management Solutions to offer you the a very best building expert at the top of his profession. Your job will receive 2 technicians each dedicated to their own profession working alongside one another in order to provide you with a detailed and expertise service.

A timber pest inspection or building inspection is not carried out to determine if the building passes or fails, The main objective of a timber pest inspection is to determine whether or not the biological agents causing timber deterioration (including termite, borer and wood decay) are present (or have been present) and whether they have caused damage.

There are two main methods of termite management for post construction;

  1. The most common and well known method and has been around for years is the Chemical Barrier. This method is best implemented before concrete footpaths are pored and can be done at several levels of construction.
  2. Option 2, Baiting Management Systems. Termite bait stations are placed every three meters and managed on a regular basic depending on termite activity.

Did you know that

  • One in four homes are attacked by termites, as noted by Brisbane, Gold Coast and Ipswich pest control companies
  • The average repair cost for termite damage to a house is $7000
  • You can effectively protect your asset by getting an annual termite inspection
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver the most reputable termite protection products available with expert application techniques.
  • Ask for a 10% discount for Pensioners