Despite the fact that investment property for homes is most likely the most expensive item anybody will buy in their lifetimes, lots of people still attempt and reduce expenses by utilizing the most inexpensive building inspector they can run into to carry out assessments before you purchase the house. Nonetheless, the following are a few great significant reasons why you should be positive that your building inspector is fully skilled and competent.

You can have a peaceful mind

When you use the services of a qualified and skilled building inspector, you will be able to sit back learning that you will get research that is completely accurate and honest. This can help you see regardless of whether a specific property will be worth purchasing or simply not, especially when considerable structural defects have been found throughout the inspection procedure.

You can be informed about any undetected flaws or damage

A qualified and competent building inspector will incorporate an infrared device as one of the primary ways to find out the presence of live termites. And even though many people feel termites do not do any harm, this is not the instance, these unwanted pests can wreak complete mayhem on any wood sections of a residential property and trigger thousands and 1000s of dollars in damage within weeks

You can be aware of  the requirements for legal building

There are much too numerous unskilled building inspectors who do not have any familiarity with the latest building regulations or requirements. Not merely does this end up in a sub-par assessment being carried out; you can find yourself footing the bill to have constructive defects adjusted in accordance with present Australian Standards at a down the track. A professional building inspector […]

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Protecting Your Property from Asbestos, Termites and Rising Damp

Because the majority of homebuyers know, looking for the right property at the right price can be incredibly difficult and time intensive, and in numerous cases, homes considered to be at the proper price are frequently riddled with flaws. Though some defects are regarded mild and can be resolved rapidly and inexpensively, others such as the existence of asbestos, termite damage, increasing damp and black mould can often simply be detected in the form of the full property examination.


Finding Asbestos

Asbestos is frequently present in homes that were developed before the 1980s and it absolutely was found in several applications such as:

Spray-on padding
Aged linoleum as well as vinyl flooring
Some forms of corrugated roof covers
Eave designs
Concrete piece facing
Backings utilised on switchboard units or meter panels

This particular material is proven to trigger extreme breathing problems, particularly when excellent molecule from it come to be air-borne. A professional property inspector will be in a position to detect whether any style of asbestos is contained in your home, while also recommending you whether or not it will be safe to execute removal or perhaps not.


Coping with Rising Damp

In numerous cases, you will be in a position to determine without difficulty if a property deals with rising damp problems, most likely the first telling sign is the musty smell. In a much more extreme  cases, you will even see effervescent paint on your walls, too. When left untreated, rising damp will grant access to black mould to build up. This can become extremely difficult to eradicate. The majority of houses have been designed with a level of damp-proof that is placed in between the bases and walls to avoid moisture leaking into walls. Nevertheless, in the case of aged homes, this […]

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Protecting Your Home From Winter Pests

Property proprietors frequently believe that when the climate chills off, they will not need to stress over managing bug intrusions. In any case, winter can carry with it some genuine types of irritation pervasion – even in what have been all the earmarks of being the cleanest of homes. Some instances of regular pests that you might find during winter season may include rodents, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, fish moths, silverfish, or termites. In spite of the fact that rodents remain a lasting through the year risk to dwelling owners, the rest of the pests have begun turning into significantly progressively dynamic throughout the winter a very long time in the course of recent years also. Left unchecked, the majority of the aforementioned pests are not just ready to make a little measure of harm your property, now and again; they can present well being dangers to you and your family too. By and large, keeping nuisances under control is generally direct. These are approaches that you can implement to keep them under control:


Try cleaning your yard


While it may not appear amusing to be in your yard during winter, it is as yet basic to put time aside normally to perform yard upkeep. Begin by evacuating broken or fallen branches, cutting the garden, expelling dead blossoms and different plants and discarding any junk or litter that may have arrived in your yard. Any type of dead wood is particularly alluring to termites, while heaps of leaves can draw in rodents, ants and cockroaches.


Try examining the outside of your home


Different zones to review for indications of irritation pervasion incorporate drains, roof, dividers and establishment territories. Drains ought to be altogether wiped out to guarantee productive water […]

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Poor Workmanship

The second most common defects we find doing Building and Pest inspections on the Gold Coast is plasterboard repairs.
Don’t settle for second best, book with building and pest inspector Gold Coast

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Building Inspectors Gold Coast

Veichwood Building Inspections exceeds the Australian Standards. Extra areas include internal/external doors and windows, exhaust and ceiling fans and tap ware components.
These are just some of the extras services we provide to our customers.
Call us today for a detailed quote
Gold Coast Building Inspector Inspections
Mark Woods

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Building and pest inspections Robina

“Gold Coast Building Inspector not only inspects homes, they design, build, renovate, alternate, and extend them. Feel confident and relaxed knowing your investment will get the upmost thorough inspection possible.

The old saying goes “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys” I’m afraid to say,
Think about it, if you are purchasing a property worth over $400,000.00 + and your chasing the lowest inspection price possible.

When you are searching for a building inspector in Robina, keep in mind this maybe the largest investment you make so why take the chance hiring the cheapest and less experienced inspector to inspect your home.

Gold Coast Building Inspector has over 50 years combined experience in the building industry….. We perform thorough inspections and leave no stone left unturned. You will be impressed with our thorough inspections and easy to read reports.

Call us today or visit our website
veitchwood building and pest inspection

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Building Inspections Burleigh Heads

One of the most common building faults found on slopping blocks in Burleigh Heads is damaged retaining walls. Recently found by Gold Coast Building Inspector Building Inspections Burleigh Heads was a 15 yr old block retaining wall (1.2m x 30m) rendered finished. This wall was classed as incomplete construction as it was not core-filled during original construction. This building fault will now cost between $15,000 – $20,000 to remove and replace.

There are many types of building faults that should not be missed by your building inspector, if you require the most efficient and thorough building inspection that exceeds the Australian Standards, don’t go past Gold Coast Building Inspector Building Inspections Burleigh Heads

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Building Inspections

Gold Coast Building Inspector Building Inspections not only inspects homes on the Gold Coast, they also inspect houses in Northern NSW. Starting from Tweed Heads down to Brunswick Heads, mullumbimby, Ocean Shores and Murwillumbah just to name a few.
Gold Coast Building Inspector is operated by Mark Woods a local builder with over 23yrs experience a long the East Coast. Gold Coast Building Inspector also specialises in Renovation, Extention and Alterations.

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Gold Coast Building Inspector Construction Gold Coast

We are very pleased we chose Mark’s quote to renovate our bathroom. Mark’s workmanship and attention to detail is meticulous. He kept us informed of each stage of the job at all times and was organized and punctual. He was also very accommodating with any small variations to the project.
We are delighted with the outcome and have no hesitation in recommending him and will certainly be using his services again.
Steve & Lyn Morley.
Worongary, Gold Coast

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Gold Coast Building Inspector Construction

Dear mark,
Thank you for carrying out the building inspection on the Banzai St. property. Your report was comprehensive and was easy to follow. I was impressed that the issues sighted were accompanied with photographs and were very descriptive. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to prospective clients.
Once again thank you.


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