Gold Coast Building Inspector building inspection works in conjunction with pool inspection services, a company specializing in pool inspections on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW.

They offer fast, efficient service through their fully trained and certified pool inspectors. And because they only do pool inspections, you can be assured that the advice they offer is unbiased and accurate.

Due to the changes to pool safety throughout Queensland in December 2010, pool owners are now responsible for making sure their pool fences comply with current standards.

Pool Inspection Services is owned and operated by Metric Services Pty Ltd, which is owned by Marty Foote (Pool Safety Council (PSC) Licence #101027).

View Pool Safety Council Licence


Gold Coast Building Inspector Dilapidation Inspection Reports provide a detailed analysis of the condition your property is in before any neighbouring construction work commences. If a damage claim is submitted to an adjacent property owner in relation to their work, you will have expert, independent evidence to support your position, his can also work in reverse. The property and surrounding areas will be photographed and recorded by a Qualified Builder to show any evidence of pre existing defects.

This will give you peace of mind knowing you are protected by future claims.

All our Building Inspections are completed by experienced registered builders trained in accordance with the Australian Inspection Standard (Australia AS 4349.1-2007).


Gold Coast Building Inspector Leak Detection Inspections, provides a detailed analysis of the faults in action creating expansive repairs. Water, Moisture and Mould are the most common faults found in homes on the Gold Coast every day of the week. Our Leak reports don’t just explain how the fault is occurring but we also provide industry knowledge on how to maintain your property correctly. With our advise you will be able to eliminate high risk zones for water, moister, mould and most of all Termites.

This will give you a safer, cleaner and more prouder property to enjoy with others.