Construction Work

Finding reliable trades people can be difficult, what appears to be a good deal can later double or triple in cost or even worse, result in having to completely redo all the work.

  • We have access to all trades and all come with our guarantee that the works will be completed correctly
  • Where possible all prices will be fixed prior to commencement, meaning there will be know hidden costs
  • Licensed building supervisors will oversee all construction work
  • There is no need to make multiple calls to arrange different trades; we’ll arrange and schedule everything

When correctly completed, a renovation or extension can add value to not only your home but your lifestyle in that home, run incorrectly it can become a nightmare, additional costs, extended building timeframes, variance in ideas and outcomes are only some of the problems that can occur


Whether you are renovating your bathroom, kitchen or carport enclosure, we offer you expert knowledge and design services tailored to your budget. A complete service from demolition to the finishing touches.

Gold Coast Building Inspector Construction can take care of all areas of your home renovations and additions. We can work with your plans or can help design what works best for you.

Renovating requires specialised skills, different to those of new home builders.


Alterations can be as simple as revitalising the paint on your walls to tinting feature windows. By highlighting certain components on your home, this will make it more appealing and attractive to onlookers and even prudential buyers.

Revitalising your asset will increase the value of you home on a small affordable budget. With Gold Coast Building Inspector Construction we can pick out the correct components and make you home, house of the street.

“Re-modeling your home the way you imagined it”.


Additions are where you extend upwards, adding another storey to the house.

An addition to the external structure of your home is one of the most popular ways to increase floor area, as well as adding value to your home. When budgeting for an addition one important question must be addressed. “Do you want a seamless addition?”. The cost with a seamless addition is usually more expensive.

Gold Coast Building Inspector Construction  pride themselves in establishing seamless additions on all facets of building components external/internal cladding, roofing materials, windows, landscape, etc.


Building extensions are usually added to the external of your existing home eg. bedroom, bathroom, living room, carport etc.

Extending your home is a great opportunity to meet the current and future lifestyle that every family deserves.

Building an extension to your home can be a great way to get the space and mod-cons that you want without having the expenses and hassles of selling your home and finding a new one.

Many smart home owners are also choosing to build an extension as a way to add value to their home.

Builders with an eye for detail

When we’re not inspecting your property, we are building them for you