Protecting Your Property from Asbestos, Termites and Rising Damp

Because the majority of homebuyers know, looking for the right property at the right price can be incredibly difficult and time intensive, and in numerous cases, homes considered to be at the proper price are frequently riddled with flaws. Though some defects are regarded mild and can be resolved rapidly and inexpensively, others such as the existence of asbestos, termite damage, increasing damp and black mould can often simply be detected in the form of the full property examination.


Finding Asbestos

Asbestos is frequently present in homes that were developed before the 1980s and it absolutely was found in several applications such as:

  • Spray-on padding
  • Aged linoleum as well as vinyl flooring
  • Some forms of corrugated roof covers
  • Eave designs
  • Concrete piece facing
  • Backings utilised on switchboard units or meter panels

This particular material is proven to trigger extreme breathing problems, particularly when excellent molecule from it come to be air-borne. A professional property inspector will be in a position to detect whether any style of asbestos is contained in your home, while also recommending you whether or not it will be safe to execute removal or perhaps not.


Coping with Rising Damp

In numerous cases, you will be in a position to determine without difficulty if a property deals with rising damp problems, most likely the first telling sign is the musty smell. In a much more extreme  cases, you will even see effervescent paint on your walls, too. When left untreated, rising damp will grant access to black mould to build up. This can become extremely difficult to eradicate. The majority of houses have been designed with a level of damp-proof that is placed in between the bases and walls to avoid moisture leaking into walls. Nevertheless, in the case of aged homes, this layer has been badly degraded and there have also been cases where this has not really been installed,  including the newer properties. Once having a residential property inspection carried out, rising damp will be possible for your choice of certified inspectors to identify


Termite Horror

Studies have revealed that termites result in more damage than flooding, storms and fires every year. Additionally, these types of pests prey on wood, indicating that they will prey on any timber section of your home such as floorboards, roof trusses, window frames, framework, decking and practically at any place that is damp and humid. These pests are exceptionally detrimental because they are very hard to identify, which allows them to go about their habits for months and sometimes even years in many cases. They commonly also only eat the inside of wood products, leading to the intact veneer or varnish on the outer. This will make it extremely difficult to notice when they’ve been active


There are several remedies on the marketplace for eliminating termites off your property, such as applying liquid termite barriers, straightforward chemical remedies as well as poison lures. These treatments might seem a little bit unusual, and making use of unfamiliar chemical treatments around the house can trigger risks to small kids and pets. You can employ a specialist pest control service for total confidence when dealing with termite infestations. Although domestic treatments are commonly only a short-term fix, expert pest control service providers can be rid of these pests for good.


Make sure to turn to  competent and skilled inspectors that will be in a position to identify these problems. If you need help you can give Gold Coast Building Inspector a call to help you inspect your property with top quality care and service.