Building and Pest Inspection Burleigh Heads

Purchasing a house is an expensive investment, which will be used and maintained by you for years to come. Imagine signing the deed to a house in Burleigh Heads. Then, you find out the floorboards are infested with termites, and the bathroom had a burst pipe that had been switched off.

Your time and money is too precious to waste on not checking the details. That’s why at Gold Coast Building Inspector we like to do that for you. We have over 20 years’ experience in building inspection and pest inspection Burleigh Heads – and we have become extremely good at finding the faults. We not only inspect homes we are currently constructing, renovating and extending them for many clients. This is what gives us an edge over our competitors.

Gold Coast Building Inspector is more than a typical walk through inspection service. Our technical experts meet you on site to discuss the property. We are certified professionals who waste no time in finding out exactly if the house is as described by the seller. And at the end of the inspection, you receive our analysis on the property so that you are better informed at making a decision.

If you commission our team at Gold Coast Building Inspector, all the building and pest inspection Burleigh Heads is measurable, proven and can be backed up if necessary. That way, sellers can’t get away with pulling the wool over your eyes as you explore your options with a new investment property.

We have a solid brand and reputation, and even hear clients comment that we take away the hassles of choosing properties, leaving them to the fun of negotiating.

So why not save yourself the trouble? Contact us today.