Building Inspector Kingscliff

Your time and money are too precious to waste on not checking the details. That’s why at Gold Coast Building Inspector we like to do that for you. We have over 20 years’ experience in building inspection and pest inspection Kingscliff – and we have become extremely good at finding the faults. We not only inspect homes we are currently constructing, renovating and extending them for many clients. This is what gives us an edge over our competitors.

Pest Inspection Kingscliff

Purchasing a house is an expensive investment, which will be used and maintained by you for years to come. Imagine signing the deed to a house in Bilambil Heights. Then, you find out the floorboards are infested with termites, and the bathroom had a burst pipe that had been switched off.

Gold Coast Building Inspector Kingscliff is more than a typical walk through inspection service. Our technical experts meet you on-site to discuss the property. We are certified professionals who waste no time in finding out exactly if the house is as described by the seller. And at the end of the inspection, you receive our analysis on the property so that you are better informed at making a decision.

If you commission our team at Gold Coast Building Inspector, all the building and pest inspection Kingscliff is measurable, proven and can be backed up if necessary. That way, sellers can’t get away with pulling the wool over your eyes as you explore your options with a new investment property.

We have a solid brand and reputation, and even hear clients comment that we take away the hassles of choosing properties, leaving them to the fun of negotiating.

Why are building and pest inspections so important?

This is a question asked by almost every new homeowners in Australia. People who have never purchased property before are not aware of the potential problems they face after they buy something which may be inhabited with various pests. These pests can make living in the home difficult, be expensive to remove and if anything some will even damage the structure of the home. This is why experts advise that people get building and pest inspections Kingscliff if they are considering any type of property in any area.

Buying a home can be a huge step for many couples and so one of the things that should be considered is who else is on the property besides your family. At Gold Coast Building Inspector we have been providing building and pest inspections in Kingscliff for a very long time. We have prevented people from ending up with properties which were just too expensive to buy mainly because of the pests which were observed in addition to other problems. We have also prevented people from buying potentially damaged property. This is why if you are in the market for a property, make sure that you get it thoroughly checked by experts in the industry like us so that you are saved from future hassle.

Pre Purchase Building inspections Kingscliff

You can’t trust home sellers when it comes to your money. Normal wear and tear will always afflict a property price, but over years of experience, Gold Coast Building Inspector pre-purchase building inspections Kingscliff will eliminate the unknown.

That’s why it’s important to consider a building inspection before you buy. Broken toilets, structural damage, irreversible stains, water leaks, illegal additions and a whole range of other defects can cause extreme financial and emotional despair. At Gold Coast Building Inspector, we strive to help you avoid this heartache by carrying out a thorough pre-purchase building analysis in Kingscliff.

As professionally certified building inspectors Kingscliff, we have saved our clients thousands in potential pitfalls. We can offer you Quotes/Estimates to repair any defect, which will help you negotiate the correct price of the proposed property

We have over 20 years’ experience in pest inspections, pool inspections and building inspection, so nothing gets by us. We know that your time is valuable, and you can’t always check the details when it comes to buying a house – sellers will never willingly show damages to the property as their concern is selling. Our main mission is doing pre-purchase building inspections Kingscliff thoroughly, so that sellers don’t get away with ripping you off.

We are a licenced & professional Building Inspector Kingscliff

As licensed professionals from a family-owned business background, we have been involved in multiple building projects and supported our clients in the legal process of inspecting a home. With housing prices the highest they’ve ever been in Australia, properties are fast becoming lifelong investments. Why risk losing out on investment money by skipping inspections?

All our building inspectors Kingscliff meet you on-site at the end of the inspection so you can witness first hand our technical expertise. We point out the flaws (or lack thereof), the benefits and our professional opinions on the property. We also provide a written report for your records, so you can refer back to it later.

Don’t buy before you try. Contact us today.