Building Inspections Gold Coast

Gold Coast Building Inspector Building Inspections provide detailed analysis reports of the condition of your property in an easy to read format.

As we are a licensed builder currently still constructing homes here on the Gold Coast and elsewhere, we are highly qualified to provide your professional building inspection report. If you’re looking to buy a home on the Gold Coast you want a qualified and comprehensive building inspection report. Our professional building inspectors will uncover cosmetic improvements and faults that the untrained eye might otherwise miss.

All our building inspections are in accordance with the Australian Inspection Standard (Australia AS 4349.1-2007) and completed by experienced registered builder.

Property Building Inspections Gold Coast

What’s included

We recommend you carry out a  building, pest and swimming pool inspections before you start negotiations on a housing purchase. You need to know exactly what condition this Gold Coast property is in. A building inspection report will enable you to factor in any future costs when you make your offer.

If you plan to undertake these building inspections after you have made your offer, make sure that any contract you sign includes terms that will allow you to cancel the contract if the property receives any unsatisfactory inspection reports.

There are many reasons as to why you will need to require a building inspection today more than ever, especially if you are looking to buy a property currently available on the market! You need to know for sure that the building will be able to live up to your expectations and that no further problems will occur down the line! This is why our building inspections in the Gold Coast will be of the highest detail! We want you to understand everything that is going on, in an easy to read format. Better yet, after your report is completed, our experts will be more than happy to meet you on the property and give you a verbal guided tour of the area – letting you know of the parts with the greatest concern to them and the building. While giving you pricing estimates so you are able to work out whether or not this will co-inside with your current budget.

As we are licenced in building and constructing properties as well, we are able to prove how qualified we really are when providing you with any type of building inspection. All of our building inspections co-inside with the Australian Inspection Standard and will is always completed by an experienced and up to date registered builder!

Not just that but we also offer pest inspections and pool inspections which are also vital when you are looking to buy any property in the gold coast. This means you will have the highest trained eye to be able to spot any problems around the property before you sign that dotted line, giving you the peace of mind that is necessary.

Contact Gold Coast Building Inspector today and speak to one of our friendly customer services representatives who will be able to offer you a free quote as well as free information on our building inspections in the Gold Coast.

Why are we the best?

As a dependable company respected by building professionals, Gold Coast Building Inspector Building Inspections can also connect you with a network of preferred tradesman who can supply quotes prior to negotiation. Therefore, the seller can incorporate exact costs into the price or agree to repair the property before settlement.

We have over 20 years experience in the building industry and have been involved in ALL facets of building on the Gold Coast and in South East Queensland.

We have HANDS ON building experience. We have builder, supervisor and carpenter licences, (and come from a family of builders.) So try our Gold Coast building inspections. We guarantee you a quality building inspection. We have been involved in major and minor building projects, and we have a vast local knowledge and experience in all areas of the Gold Coast, so try our home inspection.

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Not just a written building inspection report, but the inspector likes to meet with you on site at the end of the inspection so he can give you a verbal report too. During the verbal report, he shows you major structural problems, provides solutions and gives estimates of repair costs. The building inspectors offer tips on property maintenance  and answers your questions. He is also happy to give advice or clarification to you once the building inspection is completed.

Being present at this time is preferable as it aids your understanding of the status of the property, however if this is not possible, we can arrange to speak to you on the phone, and email the report to you.

Building Inspections

Gold Coast Building Inspector building inspection reports provide a detailed analysis of the condition of your property in an easy to read format.

All our building inspections are in accordance with the Australian Inspection Standard (Australia AS 4349.1-2007) and completed by experienced registered builders.

Building Inspection Prices (inc GST)


  • approximately 100sq meters

Houses / Duplex

  • up to 3 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom

Houses / Duplex

  • up to 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms

What’s included in the building inspection?

Exterior Of Building

  • Walls
  • External finishes
  • Timber or steel frames and structures
  • External cladding
  • Window flashings visible, mouldings and sills
  • Stairs
  • Balconies, verandahs, patios & decks
  • Suspended-concrete floors
  • Pergolas


  • Car accommodation
  • Detached Laundry
  • Ablution facilities
  • Garden sheds
  • Small retaining walls (non- structural)
  • Driveways
  • Paths
  • Steps
  • Fencing
  • Surface water drainage

Interior Of Building

  • Ceilings
  • Cornice
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Windows
  • Doors and frames
  • Kitchen
  • Benchtop
  • Sink/taps
  • Laundry
  • Floor
  • Taps
  • Tubs/cabinet
  • Bathroom
  • Cistern and pan
  • Bidet
  • Bathtub
  • Shower
  • Vanity
  • Washbasin
  • Ventilation
  • Smoke Detectors

Roof Exterior

  • Roof
  • Skylights, vents and flues
  • Valleys
  • Guttering
  • Downpipes
  • Eaves

Roof Space

  • Roof framing
  • Roof covering
  • Insulation
  • Sarking
  • Party walls

Sub-Floor Space

  • Bearers or joists
  • Timber framing
  • Piers/stumps
  • Dampness and damp damage
  • Drainage
  • Ventilation
  • Cracked or leaking pipes
  • Debris